Cryptocurrency / Digital Currency - Bitcoin and Altcoins, How to deal with it?
Points to ponder
Successfully registered!
After you register an account on a web based wallet look for the security settings. See if how many kinds of security they offer before you can gain access to your account. Mostly you will find a “Two-Factor Authentication” either via Google Authenticator, via your mobile phone or via your email – go and activate or enable it.

If you can’t find a two-factor authentication maybe they have on the part where you will withdraw or send money. Mostly it’s a “PIN code”, a “Pass phrase” or a “Security Question”. And if there is more options activate them all. Please do not take it for granted and rely only on your login password.
You found a new faucet website (Yey!)
This one is convincing....
Maybe google takes you there or most common way are pop-up ads. It can be any type of faucet maybe it’s a gaming site, a gambling site, just a faucet or so whatever. Well, don’t just put your wallet address on it and start claiming coins because if you do and it turns out to be a scam then you just wasted your precious time and effort clicking and solving captchas and anti-bot links – here’s what you do first:

- Go to google and type “(name of website) reviews”.
- Look for negative reviews about that site. If you found a positive review look for more.
- If there is a video review on youtube watch it.
- Go to websites that host a list of scam websites here.
- But the best place to find answers are on forum sites like

If google gives you a link to those forum sites that matches your keywords you have 90% of getting a satisfactory answer.
They offer or ask for a deposit
Kaching! kaching!
You have done your research and it’s not a scam but some of them especially gaming and gambling websites offers you to have a deposit to make things go faster and yes we all want to earn as fast as possible. But if you are not that wealthy enough to gamble your hard earned money then don’t deposit and just be patient to get Bitcoins in a standard way.

Another thing, some or most sites charge a bit for withdrawals. That charge must not be something like “Please deposit this amount to this address so we can process your withdrawal transaction.” Because withdrawal charge mostly deducted to the coins you have earned so don’t fall for that request.

Also, if you are not so lucky on gambling like me I suggest you stay away or if you do – don’t take it seriously and just play for fun. It’s a bit frustrating and hair pulling if you have won a quite big amount nearly to its minimum withdrawal then suddenly you lose just like that, so gambling is a big NO for me. But if you got the Midas touch.. Oh men, stick with the gambling sites because you’ll gonna be a millionaire so freakin' bad buy all of the things you never had... and all of that in just a month more or less.
Behold - the websites for scammers
When users have busted the way such a site is doing, they end up in this websites or so we say they got branded. These sites makes ratings or list and they categorize each one via trust of users from the “suspicious” to a “certified” scam site. At the moment here are two websites you can check out if you don't trust such a website.


For now these are the only website I found that host scam sites, I will add some more later.

Remember, if the offer, return of investment, the way they give, the way how to obtain it are too easy, too big or too good to be true, it's a possible scam. Cryptocurrencies especially bitcoins are very hard to obtain given the fact that as of this time its value continues to rise. Don't waste your time go only to websites that has reputations.
How to make a paper wallet?
What is paper wallet?. You can look for that in here. But how do you make or how can you have one too?

It was said that paper wallets are more secure and reliable to have rather than the web based wallet. It’s true in many ways and let me give you one scenario, – what if that website is down and you really need your bitcoins.

Paper wallet is not perfect and also have downsides but its minimal compare to online wallets you will learn that in this video so let’s get on it.

This is a tutorial from MrJayBusch and he made such a good tutorial so go check it out and don’t forget to leave a thumbs up.
So what about Mining?
You are mine and mine only!
Personally I never tried mining using dedicated hardware like (GPU) or anything else to mine because I can't afford it and I'm aware of the huge bill I'm about to pay for electricity, in addition to that I have a friend that has done GPU mining back in 2010 and he complaints that he had so many burned out GPU's because of that non-stop mining 24/7, so in short it discourage me to do that. But,... I have tried online mining once just for experience but a few months later they became a scam (goodbye hard earned 500 doge that I deposited to increase my hashing power).

Read me
Most of the mining today ~ correct me if I'm wrong but 94% of them are scams, 3% are legit in a short while (maybe months or a year) but will became scam later on especially when they are nearing bankruptcy and only 2% of them are legit and still on operation until now. So, is that 2% profitable?

Take a look at the facebook comments image, there are people that invested in mining hoping they will gain profits..., All of them having high hopes of earning coins even when they sleep... but if you try to scroll of some commonly known cloud mining company you will find and always find comments like this... Yes there are still positive responses because this (the one on the image) cloud mining company is legit but I’ll tell you, 85% of the comments are like those.. So, I'll leave the deciding thing to you.
The Free Zone
Free Internet
If you don't know it yet, wifi stands for WIreless FIdelity . And who doesn't get happy if you see a free wifi on your current position. But be cautious, free wifi are public wifi and when its public that means anyone can have an access to that wifi. Who knows, who's who behind that wifi because you will never be sure if it's really secure actually let's remove the 'secure' on free wifi. Public or free wifi are not secure even it has a password. Engrave it in your mind. If you value your privacy, security, money and identity never connect to public or free wifi.

So, how do you connect? , use your own..., you have internet on your home that is not been shared on your neighbors and bystanders use that...., doesn't have a home internet or not at home? turn on that Mobile data of yours, .. what? You don't want to give up some penny to have your phone an internet? are you willing to sacrifice that four things I mentioned above or you just spend a little for something that is more secure? You decided, c'oz I'm just making some suggestions.
The Fail-Safe Protocol
When you are using paper wallet for your digicoins and you somehow misplaced the private address of that wallet address ~ you're doomed, because there is no other way that you can spend or get all of your coin on that wallet address. A lost coin is gone forever. Like that one guy (I don't know if you already heard of it) that had mine 7000+ Bitcoins in his laptop back in the days when Bitcoin's value is just cents and when his laptop got broken his girlfriend threw it then years after the value of Bitcoin rises (poor guy) I don't know if they manage to find it in the landfill.

Now I'm not saying this to you to have some negative thing going on your head but,... I know that you know that we don't know what tomorrow will bring you (read it again, this time slowly). This doesn't apply on digital currency only but all of the things you are doing for you and especially for the future of those persons dear to you, family and love ones, friends comes third because if that friend of yours comes second then she/he is more than that don't lie to yourself ^_^.

Anyways, our future is always unpredictable therefore my question is: Have you ever thought of what will happen to all the things you've doing now if tomorrow you'll be gone?

To make this short, Always have a beneficiary, find that "chosen one" that will inherit all your hard works in life.
I am not some sort of an expert for making these tips because learning never stops as long as you live. I believe that you know something that I don’t know and I know something that you don’t, so if you are kind enough to share something to me I will be very pleased.
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