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Encryptoad dedicates its existence to host and promote only legitimate websites related to cryptocurrencies. Let's face it, since Bitcoin was introduced on October 2008 its value right now is already $9973.13187251 [USD] and that price draws more and more attention. Therefore a lot of bad people out there – somewhere on the internet who doesn’t want to play fair creates different strategies to cheat just to earn Bitcoins or Altcoins for their self-interest and their primary target are beginners. They even get too far and use it on ransomwares, what else will they do next? who knows.

There are a lot of websites out there that despise scam sites but we are here to make another contribution to the community and make it bigger for those beginners (like you – if you are a beginner) so that your time and effort even your hard earned money will not be wasted to those scum folks.


So... yeah, scammers must have a taste of that!

Anyways, if you find this website helpful and would like to help keep the site to be online for as long you can think of. Please consider donating to help pay for the domain and hosting bills. There is no minimum donation, any amount will be greatly appreciated. And in return we promise to keep our word and build a strong reputation to help and serve people like you. Thank you, God bless and have a great hair day. ^_^

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