List of Bitcoin faucets
1 BTC = $7945.00
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  • You have to have a registered account before you can claim from them, registration is quick, easy and free
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  • Beside Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Blackcoin, Peercoin and Primecoin- recently they added Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum to their list of supported currencies
  • PS: Some faucet has other option on where to withdraw your claims but we will prioritize direct withdrawal or for the reason of reliability
If you are a beginner and don't have any idea what you'll about to deal with, take a time to learn some.
but if you already have an idea what is this all about, we have some tips for you.
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Faucets with * are those who has been operating for a long period of time and already has a good reputation so you may want to check them out first.
Website Type Timer Payout Method Extra
* Progressive 5 mins Direct Daily loyalty bonus, Mystery bonus, Offerwalls, Mining bonus
* Time based 60 mins Direct Lottery, Hi-Lo game, Compounded Interest Time based 5 mins None Progressive 5 mins None Progressive 5 mins None Time based 30 mins None Time based 30 mins None Time based 5 mins None Time based 15 mins Direct Dice game Time based 5 mins None

The amounts you will get and time interval may vary without prior notice because faucets owners rely on the stock exchange.

Meanwhile a number of faucets are still hidden from the list for now but will be shown later if we confirmed their authenticity. If a legit faucet on this list became or reported as a scam (doesn't payout anymore) in the future, we will remove it immediately so you may want to bookmark us for further updates.

Help us make that list grow longer, if you know some website or you own one that is related to those list feel free to inform us.
We just ask for one requirement – NO SCAMS

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